Once you're the president, you're always Mr. President.
— Richard Webber
Richard Webber
Biographical Information
Born: 1953 or 1954
Status: Alive
Alias: The Chief
Chief Webber
Julio Plantain
Dr. Bumpy
Titles: M.D.
Family Information
Marital: Catherine Avery
Adele Webber
Ellis Grey
Children: Miscarried son †
Jackson Avery
Maggie Pierce
Relatives: Samuel Norbert Avery
Baby Avery
Arlene Travis
Camille Travis
Aunt †
April Kepner
Character Information
Profession: Attending General Surgeon
Director of the Residency Program
Board Member
Chief of Surgery
Workplace: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital
Seattle Grace Hospital
New York Hospital
Portrayed by: James Pickens, Jr.
First Appearance: A Hard Day's Night
Lastest Appearance: Family Affair
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Richard Webber is an attending general surgeon, the Residency Program Director, and the former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He was married to Adele Webber until her death and is now married to Catherine Avery.

Early Life Edit

Richard was introduced as the Chief of Surgery, the man of authority on the surgical floor and the finale arbiter of any disputes pertaining to his staff and his hospital. He was also presented as a very good decorated surgeon with many awards and accomplishments.

Season 1 Edit

Richard started having trouble seeing, and not completing simple surgeries. It turned out that he had developed a tumor, pressing against his optic nerve, and let Derek operate to remove it, under the radar of all the surgical floor. Later, he fought with Derek to write him out for surgery.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

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Season 5 Edit

Season 6 Edit

Richard was later found to be off the wagon and drinking again. This caused him to lose his job as Chief of Surgery for a period of time to Derek Shepherd, who told the board about his problem even though Meredith had attempted to stop him. He eventually sobered up again and after Derek stepped down following the shooting, he was able to regain the position.

Season 7 Edit

His wife, Adele, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Throughout the next year, Richard dealt with her Alzheimer's becoming worse. She eventually asked Richard to place her in the Roseridge Home for Extended Care. Richard visited her a lot as he wanted to assure her that he was still there for her, but soon after she stopped recognizing him and started a romantic relationship with Allan, a fellow resident in the care facility. At first, Richard resisted, thinking Allan was taking advantage, but he soon realized Allan had Alzheimer's too and that his anger wasn't helping Adele. He then allowed Allan to take his place.

Season 8 Edit

Richard were both examiners at the boards exam. The night before the Boards, Catherine and Richard ended up sleeping together.

Adele died of a heart attack after coming out of surgery.

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Season 10 Edit

Season 11 Edit

He married Catherine in the series finale.

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Personality Edit

Richard is a determined teacher and boss who cares a lot for his personnel and the hospital itself.

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