I have an aunt whenever she poured anything for you she would say "Say when!" My aunt would say "Say when!" and of course, we never did. We don't say when because there's something about the possibility, of more. More tequila, more love, more anything. More is better. There's something to be said about a glass half full. About knowing when to say when. I think it's a floating line. A barometer of need and desire. It's entirely up to the individual. And depends on what's being poured. Sometimes all we want is a taste. Other time there's no such thing as enough, the glass is bottomless. And all we want, is more.
Enough is Enough
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date October 2, 2005
Written by James Parriott
Directed by Peter Horton
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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Make Me Lose Control

Enough is Enough is the second episode of the second season and the 11th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.


While the chief is still a patient, Dr. Burke continues to run this surgical floor, in the midst of a car crash bringing in a family with a less than stable home life. Meanwhile, Addison is still roaming the halls of Seattle Grace, prompting Derek to bring in Richard's wife.


Meredith and Cristina are hungover. Meredith is lying on the floor near the toilet and Cristina is lying in the bath tub.

Meredith: It's not us. It's them. Them and their stuid boy penisis. They didn't tell me they had a wife. They have absolutely no warning they were going to break up with you. Cristina: It's not that Burke broke up with me, it's how he broke up with me. Like it was business. Like it a was a business transac - Like he's the boss of me. Meredith: He is the boss of you. Cristina: What's worse is that I care.

Cristina: The problem is estrogen. Meredith: No, the problem is tequila. Cristina: You know, I used to be all business and then he goes and gets me pregnant. Meredith (slurring): With the stupid boy penis. Cristina: I'm having hormone surges. He ruined me. I'm ruined. He turned me into this fat, stupid, pregnant girl who cars. Estrogen. Meredith: Penises.

George and Izzie come into the bathroom to brush their teeth.

Meredith: Penises, Izzie. Cristina: Estrogen, Geroge.

Iizzie tells George about Cristina and Meredith coming home drunk - that Meredith dumped Derek and Cristina was sleeping with Burke.

Meredith: I feel empty. Izzie: Two hours of vomiting will do that to you.

Meredith: I feel empty. Cristina: You're lucky. I feel pissed off.

Meredith gets out of her car. It's raining. She walks towards the hospital. Derek is there waiting for her near the entrance. She tells him to stop stalking her. Derek is confused because he thought their conversation on Addison's infidelity would have made Meredith more understanding about the situation. Derek thinks telling her everything should be enough for her not to be so pissed at him. Meredith says it's not enough" when you waited two months to tell me and I had to find out by her showing up, all leggy and fabulous, and telling me herself. You pulled the plug. I'm a sink with an open drain - anything you say runs right out. There is not enough." Derek looks disappointed as Meredith goes inside the hospital. George and Izzie pass Derek. George thinks she could have picked a better metaphor. Izzie tells him to give her a break because she's hungover.

Burke tells Derek that there is an organ donor coming from another hospital, that they're doing a harvest. Burke bumps one of Derek's surgeries for a later time. Meredith, Izzie, Cristina and George see the altercation while waiting for the elevator. Derek insists Burke bump someone else's surgery. Burke refuses. Derek walks away. As the interns go into the elevator Cristina says, "Mine's bigger than yours" in a mocking voice. Alex comes in and says, "Whip it out. I'll measure." Before the elevator doors close Burke and Cristina look at one another.

An ambulance arrives. A 55 year old male, Ted, was involved in a head on collision. He has a depressed skull fracture and many internal injuries. The paramedic says, "He's pretty much gone." Bailey says, "He's not gone til we say he's gone." She assigns him to George and tells him to save the man. George says, "But he's dead." Bailey tells him to go do it. She tells Meredith to go with George. More victims of the car accident arrive. George goes inside reluctantly.

Olivia is assisting George and Meredith to revive Red. Things are awkward between George and Olivia. They try the paddles on the patient. It doesn't work. Meredith says to continue and George says, "Seriously?" Olivia chimes in saying it is what Bailey wants. They continue with the paddles.

Bailey, Alex, Izzie and Cristina respond to another ambulance from the car crash, the car that jumped lanes and caused the accident. The driver, Bob Seibert, was not wearing his seat belt and has significant abdominal tenderness and a bad liver, he is on the donor list. Bailey says Burke needs to be paged and assigns Izzie to the case, he'll be taken down to the OR. Bailey tells Alex to take the son involved in the accident and assigns Cristina the wife of the driver. Inside, an ER resident tells Bailey there's someone else in the ER who is surgical. He has a bowel obstruction - they think he has drugs inside of his body according to his X-rays. Bailey walks into the bay that George, Meredith and Oliva are in. She is pleased that they are doing what it takes to save the man. Bailey tells Meredith to come help a man with a bowel obstruction. Meredith does not look happy about it. George says, "Well, at least your patient's still alive." George and Olivia are left alone. George looks uncomfortable.

Derek is examining Richard. Richard looks very awkward being touched. Derek says he has to examine him in order to discharge him. Richard's wife, Adele, comes into the room, and says, "What makes you think he wants to be discharged?" that the hospital would crumble if Richard wasn't there. Chief is surprised she is there, she is supposed to be vacationing in the Virgin Islands. She is upset that the had brain surgery without even telling her. Richard offers a couple excuses why he didn't tell her. Richard wonders how she even found out about it. He realizes it was Derek Richard asks, "You called my wife?" To which Derek replies, "You called mine. Look, having someone home with you is the only way I'm letting you out of here today." Richard agrees. Addison comes to the doorway and greets adele. They look like old friends. Adele says, "I told Richard you and Derek would be getting back tgoether." Derek says, "Addison and I are over... practically divorced" that adultery is enough to end it. Addison leaves and Adele tells Derek to give her a chance. As Derek leaves, he tells Adele to "keep him in line." Richard doesn't look happy about this.

Alex is with the son whose father caused the accident, Scott Seibert (18 years old), who is getting X-rays. In the next room, Cristina is examining the wife, Lea Seibert (43 years old). The two patients are telling their respective doctor what happened in the accident. Lea says her husband is a very good, safe driver, that he saw something in the middle of the road and swerved to avoid it. Scott tells Alex about a guy with a truck who cut them off, that his father lost it and started chasing the truck and blasting through traffic. Lea says that morning was pleasant, totally fine. Scott says that Lea and Bob had a fight that morning. Lea tells Cristina again about her husband's bad liver. Lea looks very distraught. She asks about her son. The son says, "Next thing I know we're upside down on the other side of the freeway... at least the son of a bitch got what he deserved."

Burke and another surgeon, Dr. Domner, are operating on Bon Seilbert. Izzie is there observing. His bowel requires a lot of work and it might not be worth it with the state of his liver. Burke asks Izzie if Mr. Seibert has family at the hospital. She tells his wife and son.

Cristina is continuing her examination of Lea. She turns her to her side to look at her back. There is a large bruise there. Cristina asks how she got it. She looks uneasy and says it must have come from the accident, Cristina doesn't think so because it appears to be a couple weeks old.

Bailey comes in to check on George and Olivia. Bailey gives him further instructions, if that doesn't work George may "call it." George does not think they should continue, that he's dead. Bailey says, "If they're dead or dying when they come through those doors you hump and hump hard. Why?" George says there is something more, something George is missing. He can't think of an answer. Bailey tells him to think about it and leaves.

Meredith is with Mr. Hubble, the man with the bowel obstruction. He is on a gurney. She says it would be better if he just told them what he ingested. He tells Meredith she has the most beautiful, delicate, porcelain-like features. She rolls her eyes. He says telling her what he ingested might offend her. She asks if it is drugs. He says no. Meredith doubts him at first but takes his word on it for the time being.

Alex and Cristina are there getting Bailey caught up for the Seibert family and looking at their X-rays. Scott has no fractures or internal bleeding, they'll keep him overnight for observation. Lea, on the other hand, has multiple fractures on her arms and ribs. Alex tells them what Scott told him earlier - that the accident was road age. Cristina says not what the wife said happened. She also tells them about the bruise she saw on her back from a "fall." Cristina says Lea needs "bed rest and shrink." Meredith comes in with Mr. Hubble's X-ray so all of them can like balloons are all through his intestine. Bailey says, "Stupid, stupid, stupid." She puts up the X-ray so all of them can look at it. To fix him, they'll have to run his bowel - removing all of his intestine from his body, hand searching for the "balloons" and removing them. Alex doesn't think they're balloons because one of them has a face, they all have faces. Mr. Hubble didn't sallow drugs, he swallowed ten Judy doll heads, Cristina utters an "ew."

Cristina, Alex and Meredith are talking about Judy dolls. Cristina says her mother used to buy them for her, then she'd dissect them, cut off their arms and shave their heads. Alex says there has to be a sick and twisted story as to why he would swallow them. Cristina says, "They're sexist, distorted devil toys that create unrealistic image expectation catering to the porn driven minds of men." Alex leaves and Bailey comes hearing what Cristina says. She asks if Cristina swallowed a bitter pill this morning. Bailey asks Meredith to get a psych consult for Mr. Hubble, see if he has family, and check with Burke if they can bump someone so they can clear his bowel.

Burke and Domner are continuing their operation on Mr. Seibert. He's 'going through a lot of blood'. Burke asks Izzie about UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) and the possibility of getting a liver repleacement. Izzie says they do not have a liver for him. Domner says they can help him all they want but he probably won't recover without a new liver. His only hope is a family donor.

George and Oliva are "closing up" Ted. He asks if there is family waiting. She says they're still trying to reach them. Olivia apologizes for the whole Alex situation and explains that she slept with Alex before George and not during the time they started going out. George is trying to seem like he's okay with everything when it's obvious he's not. She also brings up the syphilis and how she should have known she had it, being a nurse. George is very uncomfortable and is paged by the chief. George "calls it" and leaves.

Scott is in a gurney as Alex transports him. Scott hits his fist against the side rails of the gurney in a beat. Alex talks about Mr. Hubble, the man with the dolls his intestina to try to cheer up Scott. He senses that it's not working and says, "You know when you're little you can hide... all the shouting and the screaming, you can pretend like you're someplace else. Then when you got older, bigger you feel like you should be doing something, something to stop it. You know, to protect her. Then why you can't you don't know who to be angrier at your old man or yourself. Usually it's yourself." He stops beating against the gurney. Scott asked if Lea told them about it. Alex said it is all over her films, she didn't need to say anything. Scott says he doesn't hurt him, just his mom. Alex and Scott get out of the elevator. Izzie comes saying she was looking for them. Scott knows it's about his father.

Burke, Cristina and a group of physicians are listening to Lea talk about her husband: how he used to be a heavy drinker, his liver started failing, quit drinking and was put on the transplant list but because of his blood type there aren't a lot available. Her son is a possible donor. Cristina says that he shouldn't do it out of obligation. Lea says Scott hasn't made up his mind yet. They had a date set for his surgery but Lea doesn't want to pressure Scott. Cristina agrees, possibly alluding to Burke pressuring her becuase she and Burke keep exchanging looks with one another. Lea is so scared of losing Bob. Burke says they'll give him as much time as possible to make a decision. He glares at Cristina as they all leave the room.

Burke asks Cristina what is going on. She says that Bob is a wife beater and that Lea has gone through years of abuse. Burke says he didn't know. She also brings up George's patient who died because of him. Burke asks just because of that they should leave him on the table to die? He tells Cristina to think like a surgeon. She saus it's not that simple.  Burke says that for social workers and the family this is complicated for her - it's not up to Cristina. Burke turns to leave and Cristina says, "Yeah, you made that perfectly clear." Burke comes back and says, "Well, I'm glad we have an understanding." Cristina leaves upset.

Burke is walking with Patricia. He talks about the donor he and Derek were arguing about in the beginning of the episode. He also wants to "touch base with the transplant center about Seibert getting his son's liver." Meredith tells Burke that Bailey needs an OR but all of them are booked. Burke looks at Mr. Hubble's X-ray. He thinks it's drugs. Meredith tells him it's Judy doll heads. Patricia says, "I can see their little faces. 'Help. Let me out." He gives Meredith instructions on who to bump but to not tell them why.

Burke walks in to find Adele getting some things for Richard. Adele says, "Being chief is a lot like being an intern, the work never stops." She says she was relieved to hear Richard had a tumor so that he might not be forced to retire. Burke is intrigued. She hopes it would happen so she could finally book a vacation for two, so they'd have more time together. She tells Burke he's perfect for the job: he's unattached, obsessive, that the job and hospital is enough for him. She leaves and Burke is left to ponder what she just said.

It's raining outside. Izzie and Alex are talking to Scott about his father's condition. If Scott were to donate his liver, he would have to do it today because of the amount of bleeding Bob is having. Scott says, "When you get counseling they tell you not to force it, the decision, you know. One day, one moment you just know the right thing to do. It should be easy right? He's my father." Alex tells him it's a tough operation and that his life would be changed so it's not necessarily easy. Izzie tries to tell Scott the good things: that livers regenerate, they would only take half of his. Alex asks to speak with her in the hallway.

Alex is upset Izzie is talking to Scott because her patient is the one who would get the liver. Izzie thinks the decision should be easy because he would lose his father. Alex tells her, "And he understands that... You have no idea what's going on in that kid's head. None." Alex goes back inside Scott's room.

George is pushing Richard in a wheelchair and walking next to Adele. Richard tells George to call him three times a day. Adele objects. Richard says to keep calling until Adele let's him through. They move out of the shot and behind Bailey, Meredith and Dr. Raj Prahbu (the psych consult) come out of Mr. Hubble's room. Raj says that Mr. Hubble probably swallowed the dolls because of possible idolization of the dolls as partners or that he enjoys it. Bailey asks how he could possible enjoy this. Raj says, "He'd enjoy them when they came out." Bailey says, "I didn't need to hear that." Addison comes back and asks to speak with Meredith. Meredith pauses and Bailey says, "Don't look at me for help." Meredith follows Addison. Addison asks if Derek told Meredith wh he left her. Meredith says that the situation has nothing to do with her. Addison says, "So you didn't take him back?" Good girl." Meredith says she would appreciate if Addison just kept their relationship strictly professional. As Meredith begins to leave Addison says, Meredith, sometimes people do desperate things to get someone's attention. There are two side to every story." Meredith walks away.

Cristina, Izzie, Meredith and George walk to a table where there are several headless Judy dolls. Alex a table over smirks. They are talking about the Seibert family. Cristina was saying, "The father's an alcoholic wife-beater. I mean it shouldn't even be a question." Izzie says Scott's donation could save a life, that if you could save someone and didn't, it would feel like murder. Cristina brings up George's DOA (dead on arrival case; the father is the killer not the son. Cristina throws one of the dolls at Alex. Olivia tries to talk to George but he barely acknowledges her. Cristina, Izzie, and Meredith all look at each other than look at George. Meredith tells him to go eat with Olivia because she's trying to make up with him. At first, they think the reason he won't go is because of the "syph." Izzie realizes why George won't go. Meredith asks what it is. Izzie says there's another girl that he has feelings for buth hasn't told her yet. Cristina and Meredith are surprised, they didn't know about a 'someone else'. George is upset Izzie mentioned it. Izzie says, "George has a little crush." George says while fiddling with the body of a Judy dool, "I do not have a crush. It is a thing, a thing that is very personal. One day I'd like to build on this thing with this other girl - woman. She's all woman." Meredith then says rather angrily, "What are you doing? ... What are you doing with Olivia?... You're letting her think you're emotionally available. You're letting her think she has a chance. And there is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance when you really don't." Cristina says, "Meredith is right. Tell her there's someone else. Tell her why George... At least give her a chance to have some feelings for God's sake." George asks why Cristina is yelling at him. Cristina says, "Because of the estrogen George, because of all the estrogen." Izzie looks at Cristina with a puzzled look.

Burke is looking at the board as Derek comes down the stairs behind him. Derek says, "It's a mess" referring to the board. Burke says it isn't. Derek talks about all the tie ups there are. There are too many surgeries. Burke says it's just crowded. Derek says, "Well, your crowded is my seriously over-booked and in my book, seriously over-booked is a mess." A nurse comes and asks if there is any word on Scott's liver. Burke says he'll look into it. Another doctor comes, upset he was bumped for a bowel obstruction. Derek says, "Uneasy lies the head that wears the chief's cap."

Meredith is with Mr. Hubble as he is being transported to the OR. Meredith asks him why he swallowed the heads. She's unable to guess why. She asks, "Why ten doll heads?" Mr. Hubble says, "Because 11 would have been too much."

Bailey, Izzie, Meredith, Alex, George and Cristina are operating on Mr. Hubble. His intestine is outside his body and they are carefully removing the dolls. Bailey pulls out a head and says that is was collectible. Cristina says, "Seriously? You can identify these dolls by their heads?" Bailey likes Judy dolls and owns them. Burke comes in requesting an intern to go to the organ donor. Bailey sends George. Burke tells Cristina, Alex and Izzie to scrub out to get an answer from Scott. Bailey pulls out another doll head and says it looks like Meredith.

George goes to the organ donor whose heart is still beating. Olivia is there. George checks out the patient. Olivia tells him that Ted's family was coming from Portland, they don't know that he is dead. Olivia says, "I thinks it's always better to hear bad news fist hand. I know I'd like to talk to the doctor who called it. Get some answers so that I could get on with my life." She looks at George longingly. While George examines the donor, she still has a reaction to George's touch, her brain stem is still alive. Doctor Orsen, the doctor heading the harvest, comes in to take the patient away. Orsen says they are just going to wait out her death. George thinks there should be something they could do to help her since she's alive.

Cristina is examining Lea. She wants to talk to her son. Lea asks Cristina if she thinks she's disturbed for wanting to save her hubsand. Cristina says, "I think you're feeling very emotional and when we're feeling emotional sometimes it's hard to keep a level head and consider all the facts. Your husband killed a man on the highway today. He almost killed you and your son. Those are the facts." Lea asks if Cristina has ever been in love. Cristina says, "Love has its limits."

George catches up to Derek. He tells Derek about the organ donor whose brain stem is still alive. Derek and George find Dr. Orsen and the organ donor. Derek and Dr. Orsen have a back and forth on the status of the patient. Dr. Orsen is anxious saying people in three states are waiting for her organs. Derek wants to make sure that the woma is actually brain dead. Burke sees the small argument and comes over. Derek tells him he wants to run extra tests, that he insists on it. As chief, Burke let's Derek go forward with the tests. Meredith and Cristina have been watching. Dr. Orsen objects and Burke really flexes his chief muscles and gives the patient to Derek. Cristina and Burke look at one another. Derke and Meredith look at one another. Derek and George leave to run the tests.

Izzie walks out of the hospital and sees Scott in a wheelchair and Alex pushing him. Scott and Alex talk about Scott's decision. Scott is afraid his father is going to hurt his mother again. Alex says not to make his decision out of anger. Scott starts to ask Alex what he did with his father but Izzie catches up to them. Alex tells her to give them some space. Izzie stands several feet away. Alex crouches and says that he bulked up and became a wrestler. The next time his father laid a hand on his mother, he beat the crap out of him. His father was in such bad shape he needed to be sent to the hospital. When he got out her left and never came back. Izzie hears all of this. Alex says, "He was a cold, mean tempered bastard but he was still my old man, you know?" And now, now I can't stop wishing I never laid a hand of him. That we somehow could've worked it through." Alex and Scott go to where Izzie is waiting. She apologizes for interrupting. She tells Scott that Burke needs a decision now.

Lea, Alex, Izzie, Cristina and Burke wait for Scott to make a decision. He is pounding the same beat as earlier on his wheelchair. Lea looks sadly at her son, sad because she knows this is such a hard decision for him. Scott looks at Alex and stops beating his fist on the chair. He says that he'll do it. Lea is very relieved. Scott has a few conditions, though. He says, "You're going to tell the cops the truth about what happened in this accident, Mom. And as soon as we get home you and I are moving out. Enough is enough."

Cristina walks to Burke and says, "You know she's just going to go back to him." Burke starts to say something but Cristina says his sentence for him: "This is not our call." Burke asks if Cristian is okay after their break up. She says, "Can I scrub in?" He nods his head yes. Cristina says, "Then yes. Dr. Burke, I'm okay."

Derek and George are looking at the results of the organ donor. The other doctors waiting for the harvest are in the hallway. Derek asks George is he has ever had a really really crappy day, insinuating his day is not going so well. George says he's had many. Derek says this one just got better. He sends the other doctors away, he will be the only one performing surgery - one to save the life of the organ donor. If they are able to remove the tumor she has a good chance of recovering. Derek starts to leave when he says to George, "Look out for her." George asks, "Meredith?" and Derek says, "Yeah." He leaves and George gets a page.

Olivia was the one who paged George because Ted's family arrived. George tells her, "Look, maybe I'm not over the Alex thing or the syph thing yet. That's not really the problem. There's a girl who I, uh [trails off] and it doesn't matter that there's thir other guy and frankly, I wouldn't care if she gave me the Ebola Virus. I like you Olivia, I just don't like you enough." Olivia says, "I gave it a shot, right?" And you were honest. That's good." George pulls her towards him and kisses her forehead. Olivia asks if George knows what he's going to say to the family. He says, "Why do we humo on every dead or dying patient that comes through those doors?... So we can tell their family that we did everything we could." George walks into the waiting room where the family is.

Derek is inside the elevator and Addison walks in. Addison asks him about telling Meredith what happened to break them up. He says he did talk to her about it. He asks what Addison told her. She says, "Sometimes people do desperate things to attract attention." Derek says, "What? Wow. That's your side of this? That I didn't pay you enough attention? Is that what you were thinking when you got getting naked with my best friend?" Addison says by that point she was just scratching an itch. She continues, "We got successful... we got busy, we got lazy, we didn't even bother to fight anymore... and Mark was there and I miss you. And now I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm more sorry than you can possibly imagine." Derek presses the elevator buttons so that it goes faster. He walks out of the elevator and says, "I'm a sink with an open drain, Addie."

Meredith is tending to Mr. Hubble. He asks if they were able to get all the doll heads out. They were but it was not easy or pleasant. He says not he feels empty. Meredith tells him she has been feeling a little empty herself. He says he can see it. Meredith asks how doll heads fills him, what the satisfaction is. He asks, "Do you really want to know?" Meredith changes her mind and says, "Maybe I'm better left in the dark."

Burke walks past Scott's room where he is recovering. Alex and Izzie are with Scott. Izzie looks at Alex with interest.

Burke looks at the surgery board as Dr. Domner walks by and pats Burke on the back. A nurse erases surgeries and is now adding more.

Burke walks past Lea's hospital room. Police officers are with her. She is probably telling them the truth about the car accident.

Burke walks past Bailey inside the OR looking at the bloody doll heads in a biohazard bag. She shakes her head in amusement and disgust.

Burke and Cristina see each toher. They only look for a second or two and move on.

Derek is performing the surgery on the organ donor as George observes. Burke is shown in the gallery watching. He leaves revealing Meredith standing behind him. She is watching Derek intently.