Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Medical Information
Diagnosis: Arm injury
Arm laceration
Doctors: Mark Sloan
Lexie Grey
Meredith Grey
Treatment: Stitches
Anti-anxiety meds
Family Information
Character Information
Portrayed by: Shannon Lucio
First Appearance: Now or Never
Lastest Appearance: Goodbye
Seasons: 5 6

Amanda was saved by a John Doe, who was later discovered was George O'Malley from a bus. When admitted to the hospital, she held his hand as much as she could.

Season 5 Edit

Amanda was admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital after a man pushed her out of the way from a bus. The man was dragged by the bus and by the time the bus driver had stopped, his face was unrecognizable. Paramedics brought the John Doe and Amanda to the hospital.

Although she had ignored him at the bus stop because he was average-looking, as he began to crash and the doctors attempted to save him, she refused to leave him alone, but was removed from the room after she vomited. Later her arm was stitched up by Lexie and then Mark and she gave Mark tips on how to be the woman in a relationship.

For the rest of the day, she stayed as close to the John Doe as possible and up until just before his surgery, she held his hand. When Meredith told her she had to leave because they were taking him to surgery, she cried and walked away to the waiting room. Meredith noted that he "...made a good friend there. Guess what's what happens when you take a bus for someone."

Season 6 Edit

After everyone discovered it was George, she continued to wait by his bedside and apologize. She attended his funeral and cried harder than his mother. After the funeral, she suffered from insomnia. She saw George at night and at bus stops. She came into the hospital, where Meredith prescribed her anti-anxiety drugs to help her sleep.

Every day, she went to Seattle Grace and sat at the benches outside. More than a month after his death, Izzie saw Amanda sitting on the beach and called her out for wasting the life George saved and she finally left.

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